Artist Linda Ternoir in front of one of her paintings (2002).  Taken at the Robbins' house in Studio City, CA.


Linda Ternoir grew up in Chicago, Illinois.  Her imagination was kindled by dreams, stories, and music. She began drawing when she was a child. Her mother was an educator, pianist, and artist.

During her High School years, Linda studied art the Art Institute of Chicago. She was an art major at the University of Illinois.

Linda’s art has been exhibited in group, duo, and solo shows. She has been featured at the AIDS Service Center (Pasadena), Altadena Library, Artscape Gallery, Brand Library Art Center, BrenArt Cafe Restaurant Gallery, Burbank Creative Art’s Center Gallery, Charles H. Estes Cultural Center (Montreal/Quebec, Canada), Citibank Silverlake Branch, Glendale Community Center, Jameson-Brown Coffee House (Pasadena), Keystone Gallery (Los Angeles), L.A. County Arboretum, Pasadena Society of Artists (PSA), and VIVA Gallery. Her work has won many awards.

She has traveled in Alaska, Mexico, Brazil, England, Denmark, France, Spain and Italy.

She lives in Pasadena, California, close to her daughter, son, and two grandsons.

Artist Statement

I want the art that I create to make a sensory impression on the viewer.
As I work, the art evolves, becoming a process of discovery.

Working from memory and imagination ignites my passion and purpose.
This is an exciting and challenging way to make art.
I enjoy the freedom to invent and explore.

People fascinate and inspire me. Life touches and moves me.

I paint with acrylics, sometimes applying collage.
I make ink drawings and I like to use colored pencils and oil pastels.

Artist contact information:

Linda Ternoir